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Dyeing: Adventures in Yarn Dyeing – Come learn to dye with me!

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Adventures in yarn dyeing can be super fun and super messy, yet they can create super amazing works! Join me on my adventures in 2020 to learn and create. I’ve always wanted to learn how to dye yarn, and the stars have finally aligned and we will take that journey together.

Adventures in Yarn Dying - Learn to Dye Part 1 of 5 from Jessie At Home

This Adventures in Yarn Dyeing post was sponsored by WeCrochet. All opinions are my own.

Throughout 2020 I am going to learn to dye yarn, and then I will share everything with you. My successes and my failures and everything in between will all be laid out for your education and amusement.

Adventures in Yarn Dyieng - Learn to Dye Part 1 of 5 from Jessie At Home - So much yarn

There happens to be five months with five Thursdays this year; today being the first. On those fifth Thursdays I will put up a post in this series. Today is about getting ready, and some basic info you might find useful. Below you will see the remaining dates, and each will be linked when those posts go live.

4/30/2020 – Jacquard Acid Dye on Protein Fibers & some other protein dye ideas I will find in my research. CLICK HERE for post.

7/30/2020 – Indigo Dye on Cotton/plant fiber yarns with ideas and tutorials on how to “ty-dye” yarn. CLICK HERE for post.

10/29/2020 – Earthues Botanical Dyes on various fibers & some other botanical dye ideas I will find in my research. CLICK HERE for post.

12/31/2020 – Greener Shades Acid Dye on various fibers with some ideas and tutorials on multi-color dyeing. Click HERE for post.

Adventures in Yarn Dying - Learn to Dye Part 1 of 5 from Jessie At Home - Dye Kit

We will be using the two natural fiber types for our Adventures in Yarn Dyeing. Protean fibers are those made from the hair or fur of living creatures such as sheep, llama, and even silk worms. Plant fibers are those made from plants such as cotton, flax (linen), and bamboo.

Different fibers work better with different yarns, and that is something we will be exploring this year. I’ll make mini-hanks of several fiber types so we can try each with pretty much all the dyes we use this year. I may think a day is perfect for one fiber, and then find out it’s even better for something else!

Now let’s think about some supplies. The main supplies needed can be purchased from WeCrochet. In addition, there are a lot of other useful supplies that can be found around your house, attained at thrift stores, or even just purchased.

Adventures in Yarn Dying - Learn to Dye Part 1 of 5 from Jessie At Home - Yarn and Book

I have listed as many supplies as I can come up with below. You may choose to use some but not others. I may come up with more as the year goes on. Don’t be scared off by the long “other” list, as you probably have a lot of it already, and it’s not all necessary.

Supplies from WeCrochet

  • Swift and Yarn Winder – Sometimes you’ll need to wind your yarn, sometimes you’ll need to unwind it!
  • Bare Yarn – Well, this is obvious. 🙂
  • Dye – There are many options here. We’ll explore them through the year.
  • Book – This book is awesome!

Other Useful Adventures in Yarn Dyeing Supplies

  • Particle Mask – For when you are mixing powder dyes.
  • Plastic Drop Cloth – You only need a few square feet, so you can buy one drop cloth and cut it into smaller pieces.
  • Potholders – Don’t burn yourself picking up a hot pot!
  • Tongs and Stirring Sticks– Great for stirring and picking up hot yarn. Wood or plastic is best, because metal can interact with some dyes. Be sure to check the length before you order any of these. You don’t want to end up with 6″ long tongs that can’t reach your yarn!
  • Vinyl Gloves – We’re dyeing yarn here, not ourselves! Check the size, many include a size chart to help.
  • PH Test Strips – The PH can effect your dye. Also, it’s a good idea to make sure the PH of the water you dispose of is the same as your tap water, because acidic water can ruin you pipes. Test your tap water PH, and before disposing of any water into your pipes, test it again. If it’s too acidic, then just add baking soda to neutralize it.
  • Containers & Measuring – Once you’ve used a container for dying with a non-food-grade dye, DO NOT use it for food. Try using some of the items you might normally recycle. Nearly any clear container can be turned into a measuring device by pouring in water one cup (or whatever measurement you want) at a time and marking the container on the outside with a Sharpie.
  • Squeeze Bottles, Sponges, Brushes & More – For getting creative with your dying.
  • Notebook and Pen/Pencil – Keep track of what you do. Taking good notes will allow you to repeat your successes and improve where needed.
  • Pots, Large Bowls, and/or Electric Kettle – You need something to heat the water/dye in! Once you’ve used a container for dying with a non-food-grade dye, DO NOT use it for food. Thrift stores and garage sales are a great way to get these items.
  • Color Wheel – For color and mixing ideas.
  • Gallon Zip Top Plastic Bags – These could come in handy.
Adventures in Yarn Dying - Learn to Dye Part 1 of 5 from Jessie At Home - Indigo Dye

OK, now get ready. I can’t wait to start our Adventures in Yarn Dyeing with you all!!


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2 thoughts on “Dyeing: Adventures in Yarn Dyeing – Come learn to dye with me!”

  1. Thanks so much for the post. I have been collecting bare skeins of yarn for about a year whenever they go on sale and have purchased the small box of 6 dhe colors from Amazon (I believe) 2 years ago in hopes I would find a good source that was easy to follow on dying yarn 🤗

    • Woo Hoo!!! I’m so happy I could help! If you’re not in my Jessie At Home group on Facebook you should join. That way you can ask questions and link me if you need any help. 🙂


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